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Sculptra delivers aesthetic subtly for a more youthful appearance by filling in wrinkles and restoring volume lost because of aging. This cutting-edge treatment is great for restoring healthy, youthful-looking skin around the cheeks, lips, under eyes, mouth area, and temples. Sculptra provides real results that correct shallow or deep folds and facial wrinkles.

How Does Sculptra Work?

Unlike other treatments that use hyaluronic acid, Sculptra uses a synthetic polymer called poly L lactic acid. This polymer is used in surgical treatments that use dissolvable sutures to help restore volume and skin elasticity. This surgical grade polymer has proven itself to be safe and effective for cosmetic treatments. Sculptra stimulates collagen production around the microscopic spheres to provide long-lasting effects that remain even after the sutures fully absorb.

Sculptra treats the root cause of creases, wrinkles, and folds on the skin by increasing collagen production under the dermis to help restore the underlying structure of the skin. Once the collagen strands begin to rebuild, facial volume will gradually restore while bringing fullness back to folds and wrinkles.

How Is Sculptra Better Than a Facelift?

Facelifts work by cutting away excess folds in the skin to make your face appear more tight. However, this doesn’t add volume to your face to help bring back your youthful appearance. Adding volume to your face can help your face appear more symmetrical and also lift saggy skin.

Sculptra is used in the hollow areas such as the temples, lips, under eyes, mouth and jaw area, and cheeks. This treatment has also become increasingly popular because it is the only safe and affordable injectable filler on the market that can create noticeable effects in the butt area.

Note: Clinicians at the Glow Aesthetic Center recommend Juvederm or Restylane for adding volume to your lip area.

What Is the Sculptra Procedure Like?

Our expert clinicians will administer a few injections into the treatment area. Patients can expect temporary bruising or swelling in the area. This treatment requires no downtime, however, there is a risk of developing painless papules under the skin which will fade away over a few weeks or months.

How Long Will the Effects Last For Sculptra?

Studies have shown that Sculptra results can be seen for up to 5 years. Effects may vary on the individual. Consult with our expert physicians at our Aesthetic Center in Encino. Our clinicians recommend patients get a touch-up every 18 to 24 months for maximum results.

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