Lip & Chin Filler Treatment (Juvederm Ultra Plus)

Wow! Another amazing transformation of one of our beautiful patients here at Glow Aesthetic Center! Lip fillers is the most popular filler treatment we offer here at Glow! A lot of patients don’t normally know this, but there are a handful of fillers to choose from for every patient. Wether the patient is looking to get more defined or natural lips, we are always able to accommodate! The patient can also choose fillers that last longer then others if they are looking for a more cost effective solution. Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers are the most popular and safest fillers to choose from because they are non-permanent and reversible! So if you got your filler treatment somewhere else and are having second thoughts, no need to worry as we specialize in filler dissolving to help you get back to normal!

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